Angaros - Capital, Advisory, Ventures
Angaros - Capital, Advisory, Ventures

Iccha Shakti. Gnana Shakti. Kriya Shakti.

In the midst of his entrepreneurial journey a second time, the founder stumbled on the thought of looking beyond the conventional functioning of a business, which inspired him to:
Build a model that can be used as reference to create a living company - that adapts and evolves!
Ever since, the focus has been on learning and mimicking nature. The process is helping us in understanding and working towards creating a sustainable company.
The word Angaros is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Angirasa', translating to Divine Spirit; also meaning 'Courier' in Persian.
At Angaros, we strive to keep a balance between traditional Indian values, where our roots are, with constant innovation and entrepreneurial flair. Inspired by the rich culture dating back to thousands of years, we follow and believe the three major shaktis, the Iccha (desire), Gnana (know) and Kriya (doing/action).
Iccha Shakti:
Enhancing the 'Power to Desire'
The desire to achieve is the innate strength and the first step to attaining all human goals.
Gnana Shakti:
Embracing the 'Power to Know'
Once the desire is formed fully, nature prompts and aids in the journey to the gates of knowledge.
Kriya Shakti:
Enriching the'Power to Do'
It is with this strong desire and actions to match the thoughts, one can achieve what one dreams of. Right thoughts lead to right actions. We are limited only by our imagination.