Angaros - Capital, Advisory, Ventures
Angaros - Capital, Advisory, Ventures

A Global Provider Of Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Intitute of entrepreneurship
Institute of Entrepreneurship
We focus on The Entrepreneurial Mindset, which is the necessary ingredient for success.
The Founder of Angaros Group started his entrepreneurial journey straight out of college at age 22 in 1995.
He has been instrumental in establishing several successful companies over the last two decades across 5 continents serving in diverse roles of an Executive, Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor and Board Member.
Our learnings, insights and experience is delivered in the form of Entrepreneurship Wisdom. We hope this will help transform budding entrepreneurs into wealthy entrepreneurs.
The 6 wisemen of Institute of Entrepreneurship
What Are We Doing
Are we doing
Building an institution to provide entrepreneurial wisdom
Why Are We Doing this
Are we doing this
To create a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem
How we are going to Do this
Are we going to do this
By focusing on fundamentals and being frameworks driven
Who Is It For
Is it for
The right entrepreneur who has compassion and needs clarity!
Where Are We Doing This
Are we doing this
Universities, co-work spaces, business parks
When Should someone join
Should someone join
About to take off(start-up) or have taken off (started-up)